The Lion King Has Still Got It!

Congratulations to The Lion King for being the #1 movie in America! Wait, what? Oh, so I guess Disney re-released The Lion King with an updated 3D version this weekend and the 17-year-old (eek) cartoon took the #1 spot at the box office. This, indeed. SIMBAAAAAAA! I’m sure this is good news and that it in no way will work to reinforce the already entrenched Hollywood belief (and apparent reality) that there is no use putting money into new and risky ideas when you can simply just take old movies that have been on video for almost 20 years, put them into movie theaters, and still yoink 30 million dollars out of thin air. This definitely won’t add another layer of gloss to the perpetual motion machine of remakes and reboots and rehashes and reeverythings. “Huh,” Hollywood is probably saying to itself right now. “Would ya look at that! We can make 30 million dollars just by putting a crazy old movie back in theaters. Who would have thunk it. Well, time to get back to work coming up with brand new ideas in an attempt to create genuine art that is relevant and speaks to its time and place. We can’t just rest on our laurels and pump out endless streams of cynical, nostalgia-laden garbage in an attempt to weasel people into theaters based on their desire for the comfortable and familiar! Not now and not ever!” That’s Hollywood right there in a nutshell.

The Lion King has clearly still got it. And who could forget that incredible soundtrack:

“”Lion king” the song.Ray Sipe.Lady GaGa” still makes me all misty every time. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)