The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Jeremy Piven Walking His Emmys

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Get it? Yesterday was when we talked about the series finale of Entourage and that was a show about Boyz becoming II Men. Just kidding. I don’t know WHAT that show was about, but it was not about that. For one thing, it was about Boyz remaining II Boyz. But also I think it was actually just a marketing campaign for Southern California’s second largest Inifnity Pool manufacturer? Hard to say. Although, I will admit that I have kind of been thinking about the finale non-stop. Like, I love how Ari fixed his marriage by promising to be a better father to his children by immediately taking his wife to Italy and…WE FORGOT KEVIN! (Fuller, go easy on the cocaine.) Also, I was actually thinking about an earlier episode this season when E was trying to convince Vinny not to wear a rubber dong filled with clean urine to his court-mandated drug test, and he actually said to him “Everything always works out for us Vince, but this won’t,” which is amazing, because no one on that show ever really acknowledged how everything just fucking always worked out. But then actually at the end of the episode it turns out that Vince wore the fake dong anyway? AND EVERYTHING STILL WORKED OUT! What a good show. A little weird how it ended, but a great great show. Best show of all time. Hang it in a museum.

Caption this photo of Jeremy Piven taking his Emmys for a walk as if they were human babies. Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. OH YEAH! (Photo via BWE.)