Party Down Movie Is A Strong Contender For Your Favorite Not Real Movies To Talk About Forever List

Whenever there’s a thing that people like these days, people talk about making a movie version of it. I’m not a very powerful Hollywood mover and shaker yet, so I can only assume that this is because they already know people like this thing and also because it’s easier than thinking of a new thing that they don’t know whether or not people will like. And also because the fans need and, frankly, deserve more of the thing they’re a fan of. Sometimes this ends up coming to fruition, like in the case of the well-loved Smurfs movie, and sometimes this just hangs around forever until everybody is so GD sick of hearing about it that even if it DOES actually happen, it will seem so worn and annoying that maybe certain people will hardly care about it anymore at all, like in the cases of the Arrested Development movie, and the Wet Hot prequel, and the Ouija Board movie, please, for the love of God, and also now the Party Down movie. The cast and creators have been tossing this idea around for the last few months, and lately, specifically just the other day in this interview with Adam Scott from The Playlist, it’s being tossed around in more serious terms:

We’re like 90% there, we’re hoping to do it maybe next summer, if everyone’s schedules work out and the guys get time to write a script… They have kind of a skeleton of a story worked out so we know where it’s going to go but we just have to kind of cross the t’s and dot the i’s, or something. But Starz are being super cool and they’re going to let us do it, and we’re all excited, we all want to do it.

Uggghh. I really don’t even understand why he would say things like this. “If everyone’s schedules work out and the guys get time to write a script.” Puh-leeeeeeze. Why not just say that you’d love to do it if the opportunity arose and then NEXT QUESTION PLEASE? Is it because keeping a buzz about a possible movie in the air sells more DVDs? IS THAT WHY? DVD SALES? Gross, Adam. Why don’t we just talk about these other movies that would probably get made If everyone’s schedules work out and the guys get time to write a script? Huh? Why not just talk about these?

  • Buffalo ’67
  • You Can Count On Me Too
  • Freakiers & Geekiers
  • The Young Ones: The Movie
  • Even Less Of A Clue
  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes Movie
  • Gabe and Max Like the Movienet
  • Brunch: The Movie
  • The Stella Movie
  • The Three-Day Weekend Movie

Oooohh, I can’t wait for all of my favorite things to be movies or sequels of the movies I already like I JUST CAN’T WAIT! (Via Slashfilm.)