Your Back To The Future Shoes Are Coming, Nerds!

If you grew up anywhere from the time of 1985 until the time of today, Back to the Future is your favorite movie. Right? I think that’s generally how it works. “I really love Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and on record I’d have to go with Citizen Kane, but if I’m being honest with myself…it’s definitely Back to the Future.” – Everyone. And along with it being your favorite movie, it features your two favorite movie items that you’ve always wished existed: Hover boards and very unattractive sneakers. Yes? Well, I have some very good news for you, Marty McNERD! About a year ago, Nike patented a design for a shoe with an automatic lacing system — like from the movie, you know — and it looks like they’re putting it to use. After tweeting about “something big coming soon,” Back to the Future producer Frank Marshall tweeted this:

Going to need a lot of hover boards. #BTTF

Hahah. I guess that doesn’t really explain anything. But he also tweeted this video!

That’s right, NERDOS! It looks like Nike is going to be producing Air Mags and your Marty McFly costume will finally be complete. “But I promised my girlfriend I wouldn’t be Marty McFly for another Halloween!” TOUGH! Tell your girlfriend that that is just tough cookies for her because you’re going to be Marty McFly for Halloween for every day after you pay $1600* for these novelty sneakers. “I don’t know. Can I still be staunchly anti nostalgia and staunchly PRO THESE SNEAKERS?” is a crippling debate you will no doubt have with yourself until your brain explodes. Sorry! #urbrainzded. Otherwise, though, congratulations to all of you. I’m sure this is a very exciting day. If only Nike would come out with the blue sparkly tap dance shoes from Buffalo ’66. Then I’D be the nerdo with the perfect Halloween costume that I’d wear always.


*They may not be $1600.