The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: Louis’s Tribute To George Carlin

Back in March, a tribute to George Carlin was held at the New York Public Library. Not sure why March. That is neither the month in which George Carlin was born (May), nor the month in which he died (June), but there you have it. In a video posted after the jump, Louis C.K. offers a 10 minute tribute to this comedian who clearly influenced him tremendously (I say clearly because he talks about it for 10 minutes, not so much because I think Louis C.K.’s act sounds like George Carlin). Personally, I’m not that big of a George Carlin fan, which might have as much to do with my age as anything else (89). For me, he will always be Rufus from the Bill and Ted movies, which is only partly a joke. I don’t know, he just always seemed too grumpy to me, which is ridiculous, because I lean STRONG GRUMPY to say the least, but he always sounded too bitter and a little preachy. But so what who cares what I think. Really. George Carlin was an incredibly successful and more importantly influential comedian and I’m sure that compared with his body of work, my tossed off snap-judgement of him based on seeing something on Comedy Central when I was in Junior High and turning it off because Prince’s “Get Off” video was on MTV (and my hand was on the remote in case my mom walked in) is worthless. What is not worthless is listening to someone talking humorously but also very earnestly about a person who influenced and inspired them. So let’s do that:

Nice speech. (Via TheDailyWhat.)