Coffee Advertising From The ’50s Has A Common Theme

It’s strange how, at least I feel like this is true, telling someone they make bad coffee is such a biting insult. “What’s the deal with people being so insulted about making bad coffee?” is basically what I’m saying in a Seinfeld voice right now. But really, WHAT’S THE DEAL? Coffee isn’t that easy to make very well and it is definitely easy to taste and say, “Oooh yeah that’s bad, you’re right.” I used to have to make coffee for this open mic every week, very cool, and every week EVERYONE would complain about the coffee, because it was the WORST. But I don’t think that was my fault. I think it was the coffee machine’s fault and also the fact that I never washed it. But washing it was not in the job description. But what I’m getting at is even though I knew it was the worst, it still felt very insulting having people tell me that every single week. That’s how I imagine the women in these commercials feel. Oh also oppressed.

Hey gals, aren’t you all glad we don’t live 50-60 years in the past? I mean I think we would all look a lot prettier, obviously, and we would all know how to be much more stylish and our lives would be unencumbered by jobs, yuck, gross, and no one would expect a lot out of us which would be freeing, and once you learned how to make a pineapple ham or whatever and whisky drink all you had to do was learn how to make coffee and wait for your handsome husband to show up and take care of you for the rest of your life, but what would you even use for a computer? God I can’t imagine living without computers. Those poor women.

PS: “Then you admit it! Your coffee really is murder!” is the best one. (Via reddit.)