Justin Bieber Has Punk’d His First Victim

Remember last year when it was announced that Justin Beiber would be taking over for Ashton in MTV’s reboot of Punk’d? No? Kind of? I kind of remember it being a thing, and apparently it is still a thing because Justin has just pulled his first punk’d. Oh, great! Congratulations to him and also to Selena Gomez. And his first punk’d was on none other than former girlfriend of Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift. From the New York Post:

The first prank was taped last Friday in LA with singer Taylor Swift as the first unsuspecting victim, according to reports.The details of the prank were not immediately known. … It is not clear how long Bieber will be hosting the show. After the first few episodes, the series may run with guest or rotating hosts, according to reports.

I am honestly a little bit curious about how this Punk’d reboot will do. Lots of young people certainly love Justin Bieber. But also, who cares about celebrity pranks? First of all no one and second of all probably not the people who love Justin Bieber. Although, if they keep playing the pranks on people like Taylor Swift then WHO KNOWS? But I think maybe people will watch the first few episodes and then the host won’t be Justin Bieber anymore and it will instead be someone like Wilmer Valderrama and the pranks won’t be on Taylor Swift anymore, and instead they’ll be on someone like Danny or even CHRIS Masterson, and then all of the kids will be so upset that they’ll throw their TVs at their parents because can’t yet process the disappointment. But until then, why not try to guess WHAT PRANK JUSTIN BIEBER PULLED ON TAYLOR SWIFT?

  • After an international flight, one of Taylor Swift’s guitars doesn’t make it through customs. Taylor is informed that lots of bombs were found inside of the guitar and that she will be taken to prison for the rest of her life. She is taken to prison and in the prison cell is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber yells, “YOU’VE JUST BEEN PUNK’D!” Taylor Swift, in hysterical tears still, has no idea what he’s talking about because that show has been off the air for four years and he was never the host. She is taken away and explained what is going on quietly by one of her lawyers.
  • During a performance, Taylor Swift notices something going wrong in the crowd. Lots of people are gathered around a young woman who is lying still on the ground. Someone comes out, grabs Taylor, and brings her backstage. “What’s wrong?” she asks. “A young girl just died after being trampled by fans.” “Oh my God,” says Taylor. And then she sees the young girl go by on a gurney, covered by a sheet. She beings to cry when JUSTIN BIEBER POPS OUT OF THE SHEET! “You’ve been PUNK’D” he says. “Ohh…” says Taylor, not knowing what he’s talking about at all. He sees her confusion and calls out the camera people. “You know, the show?” Taylor says, “I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV when that show was on.” Justin says, “Neither was I.” Then they don’t say anything else.
  • Taylor Swift is leaving a restaurant when a disgruntled waitress follows her out. “Hey, Taylor!” she screams, “TAYLOR SWIFT!” Then she yells at Taylor Swift, in front of everyone, for not leaving her any tip. “But I did leave you a tip,” cries Taylor. “Oh yeah?” Then the waitress shows her the receipt. NO TIP! But she could have sworn! “YOU’VE BEEN PUUUUNK’D,” says Justin Bieber, peeking out from behind a newspaper at one of the other tables. “Oh, thank goodness,” says Taylor. Everyone claps.
  • Justin Bieber figures out that way you can call peoples cell phones and make it look like another number is calling. He calls Taylor and makes it look like Jake Gyllenhaal is calling. “Hey baby,” he says when Taylor picks up the phone. “Who is this?” Taylor asks. “It’s Jake — Jake Gyllenhaal,” says Justin, through muffled laughter. “No it isn’t?” responds Taylor. Justin Bieber hangs up and laughs and laughs.
  • Justin Bieber cuts Taylor Swift’s hair when she is asleep.

These are all very good guesses. I can’t wait to see the ep. and find out which one they went with.