Celebrity Hero Watch: Brad Pitt Is Our New Celebrity Hero

Less than a week after Kate Winslet revealed herself as a celebrity hero — a welcomed addition to our growing celebrity hero action team — we have another beautiful face to add to the Celebrity Hero poster that we’ll be sending out to all of the families of firemen and people who work in emergency rooms for free, if that’s a thing, and inner-city school teachers in the US, so they can know at least know what a real hero LOOKS like. Brad Pitt! From the Huffington Post:

Pitt was in the midst of shooting a scene [of World War Z] in which fearful masses rush through Glasgow’s George Square … One woman, involved in the stampede of fearful Scots, fell over amidst the madness, and was in danger of being trampled upon by her fellow extras. Then in came the hero; according to the Scottish Sun newspaper, Pitt rushed over, scooped up the woman and carried her off to safety.

First, I’m glad that this woman is not dead. Second, scooped up and saved by BRAD PITT, FOR REAL? “I’d get almost trampled by a mob of extras any day if it meant I could be scooped up and saved by WILL COLBERT.” – Women. Alternatively, “Where’s the nearest mob of people I can fall into?” – Jennifer Aniston. AM I RIGHT? Ugh what am I even doing. But finally, what I’d really like to say is: Almost trampled by a mob of EXTRAS? Oh come on. They weren’t really running for their lives, you know. They probably would not have trampled her to death. Probably, they would have stopped and realized that they’re getting $100 for the day and that’s almost but not actually enough to trample someone to death just because you’re so IN IT right now. “I’m a method extra.” – Extra’s defense after murdering this woman. But, whatever. Yay celebrity heros! Hooray Hollywood! Keep ‘em coming!