This Week In GIFs

What a week! First, our hero Ryan Gosling stopped a fight. THEN, there was an earthquake for some of us. THEN! Jim Carrey was so gross! AND NOW! Some of us are going to at least be rained on a lot! Jeepers! If this week weren’t already almost over I’d tell it to CALM DOWN A LITTLE. But the truth is that it is almost over. So all we can do is reflect on it, while looking at GIFs. Yay! Let’s do that!

There was a new True Blood, YAY!

There was a new Breaking Bad and it was like Shakespeare wrote it or something!

January Jones was one of the worst people on Earth.

Ryan Gosling was a hero!

There was an earthquake! And it was caught on tape!

Jim Carrey said the grossest things in a vlog!

Donnie and Mark Wahlberg had a genius idea!

And, finally, lots of us are going to be in great danger but at least we might have these Netflix movies!