Girl Accidentally Films Ryan Gosling Breaking Up A Fight In NYC While She’s Filming A Normal Non-Gosling Fight For Some Reason

Ok so, first of all, to get this out of the way: We all love this video. That’s a given and I’ll get back to it. But second of all, and this is what I’d like to focus on for a moment if I can: WHY WERE THESE PEOPLE TAPING THIS FIGHT? Ryan Gosling doesn’t enter the situation until 30 seconds into the video! So up until that point these girls were just taping a fight? And laughing at it? And asking “Is this really happening?” Uh, yeah it’s really happening. It’s a fight. “Fights happen.” Do they know someone in the fight? It’s possible that they know someone in the fight and that’s why they thought it was funny and were taping it. Or something? Like, a guy stole a painting and their friend was beating him up to get the painting back? A guy stole a painting and their friend WAS the guy who stole it? Or a guy just HAD a painting that another guy wanted, and their friend thought it looked like fun so he decided to get in on the fight too? Any of those situations, I’m sure. All HILARIOUS. But barring the fact that they knew someone in the fight, which is still very weird, they were just taping people fighting and laughing at it. “Bumfights is our favorite VHS.” – Those girls. Whatever, anyway, let’s get to the good part: RYAN GOSLING AKA THE GUY FROM THE NOTEBOOK IS OUR NATION’S HERO AND WE ARE IN LOVE WITH HIM NOW AND FOREVER. Ryan if you’re reading this please call me and Gabe we would like to hang out it won’t be weird it will just be a cool time and if you want to hang out more with me specifically afterwards that’s cool, it’s whatever really. (Via ONTD).