Interns’ Corner: Picks Of The Week

Thank you for joining us at Interns’ Corner today! I’m so glad you could make it. No, no, YOU look wonderful. Yes this is a new blouse! Oh, you’re too kind. This week we have a lot of great stuff in store for you. First, Andrew is very self-deprecating about his great video choice, oh my goodness, it is so good. I’m not sure why he didn’t tip it to us instead of saving it for himself, maybe because he is actually a bad intern. Andrew you’re fired! JK. Not fired. Next, Joe will raise some very important questions about yogurt, and Kelly will go crazy over a guy in a horse mask. Just marry him already, Kelly!

Andrew’s Pick

Some weeks it’s difficult to choose my favorite video we missed. This is not because Gabe and Kelly miss a lot of great viral videos — they don’t — but because I favorite all the videos I consider potentially worth sharing on my YouTube account, and they get mixed in with the other things I favorite, like Doctor Who clips, dance music, and rare Helen Keller footage. (Do you guys want to see Doctor Who clips, dance music, or rare Helen Keller footage? Feel free to email me. I have the one where the newly regenerated Fourth Doctor tries on different wacky outfits, it’s great.) Anyway, I was digging around in my favorites last night and I found this video, which will HAVE TO DO. I’ll let the YouTube description speak for itself: “This clip depicts a dog showing of its skills to walk on 2 legs like a human being .” And it’s wearing a dress! Aw, she thinks she’s people! Or he. Maybe this dog is making a statement against normative gender. Anyway, that’s what I’ve got this week. Sorry, everybody. I’ll see myself out. –Andrew

Joseph’s Pick

Can someone please tell me what’s going on here? What purpose is John Stamos supposed to serve in this Greek yogurt commercial? I suppose it’s because he’s Greek. He’s firmly secured his slot as “That Big Fat Greek Actor” (HAH). Or at least, his fictional character on that fictional TV show that ended over 15 years ago was Greek, and that should be good enough I guess! I asked my girlfriend (who is probably your girlfriend as well) what she thinks, and she said it’s because “he’s beautiful.” Fair enough! It’s difficult to argue with that! He is one of those men who I would sheepishly (but actually quite calculatedly) admit to having a “man crush” on, mostly in an effort to appear comfortable with my sexuality. But NO. There’s got to be something else. I mean, between this and that College Humor video, John Stamos sure has gotten around lately! My theory: It all stems from our inability to forget TV shows that we only kind of remember. Granted, it’s hard to determine if John Stamos is still remembered as Uncle Jesse at this point or if he’s become one of those actors who gets by on playing himself. HAS YOGURT GONE META? –Joe

Kelly’s Pick

These guys are great! They managed to have weird fun with a very creepily realistic horse head mask without annoying anyone or causing much commotion. Good for them! As a person whose idea of a fun time involves day drinking and podcasts, I can only imagine the thrill of having a minivan full of children yelling, “You’re number one!” at me as I hold my hands above my head like Rocky in Rocky. It must be what Justin Bieber feels like when he wears a horse mask in the streets! Also, the woman with the shopping cart seemed a little bit unsure as to whether or not he was a real horse. She seemed mostly convinced that it was a mask, but she was clearly clinging to a healthy amount of suspicion. She won’t be fooled again, I’m sure. I share similar reservations. While I was unaware that reverse centaurs are a race of great dancers and snappy dressers (which I would have known had I read those Twilight books), if you’re going to be half man/half horse, I suppose, outfit-wise, this is the best possible outcome. Suave, cool and fun on the bottom, and a horse in the face. Ready for some weird fun with a bong, and a mask and some strangers. I love you, Harry Horsehead. –Kelly