Draw Something: A Sign About A Random Celebrity To Hang In The Window Of Your Imaginary Restaurant

It is being reported on all of the major news sites (TMZ) that an Italian restaurant in Massachusetts is claiming that Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison Productions, currently filming a movie in Massachusetts, recently stiffed them on lots of money’s worth of BBQ food:

The restaurant owner claims the production company asked him to stock up on food for 2 BBQ’s the following week.  He claims he did just that, but Adam’s company never called, leaving him with bags full of groceries to the tune of $2,500.

More like BOOOOOOOBQ, right? Not like boobs but like “boo.” You get it. Anyway, “Adam”‘s company refuses to reimburse them for their BBQ spendings, so in retaliation they have hung a sign in their window stating that “Adam Sandler ate here and never paid.” Which is a BIT misleading. He called and ordered food for a BBQ (from an ITALIAN restaurant) allegedly and then didn’t pick it up or pay for it, he did not eat inside your restaurant and then leave without paying for it. But, in any case, a CLASSIC BURN! No one is going to see Meet Little Jerky, which is the best fake Adam Sandler movie I could come up with, anymore! But should this Italian restaurant be the only one having fun with signs that may or may not be true about celebrities eating at their restaurant? NO! NO DEFINITELY NOT! Here are a few to get the ball rolling: