This Week In GIFs

TGIF, right? Thank GIF. Hahah. That is very funny and clever and I’m not sure why it took me SO MANY GIF posts to come up with it. I’m sure no one else has ever come up with that, I trademark it right now. But in any case, yes, thank GIF. I’ve noticed recently that maybe not so many people like sharing GIFs with me in this GIF post. Why is that? Do you not like this GIFs posts? How is that possible? It’s just GIFs of stuff that you definitely already proved that you DO like! Do you just not like ME? How is THAT possible? You barely even know me! Just kidding. You know a lot about me already even though I’ve only been here for ten minutes and it’s all annoying. I understand that. But to get back to the GIFs, would you please just enjoy these GIFs? They’re very enjoyable. Let’s enjoy them together.

There was a new episode of True Blood and Gabe watched it!

There was a new episode of Breaking Bad and I watched it!

Vincent Gallo said that he won’t let you see any of his movies anymore!

People wanted Bert and Ernie to get married and then they got divorced!

Jeremy Irons said a weird thing about slapping women’s bottoms and was the voice of scar!

It’s 2011 and kids are still making fake raps!

We had a fake interview with Emma Stone!

Chris Crocker is getting his own documentary!

And you learned how to pronounce Zach Galifianakis!