How People Who Get Mad At You For Killing Bugs See Bugs

There’s nothing worse than when there’s a huge awful bug in a room and you freak out because they are terrifying and you tell everyone else to just please kill it so you don’t have to kill it yourself and you can finally live comfortably in your own house again, and someone says, “Aww, don’t kill ‘em! Let’s just put ‘em outside.” UGGGH. What, that person? I understand that life is important and it is a little unsettling to think of what you’re doing when you squish an ant or a gross centipede as taking a life, and I also understand that in some cases bugs are good like when they make it so people can have honey or whatever, but also THEY ARE GROSS AND SCARY AND I WISH THEY WERE ALL DEAD. And if it’s a flying insect, how are you supposed to catch it and put it outside?! If it flies out the window that is certainly best case scenario for everyone involved, but usually in these cases you’re already thinking endgame. Which is bug death. So you can live if your own house again that you pay so much money to live in.

In the beautiful (disgusting) short film you’re about to watch by Paul Kroeker, definitely a guy who says “just put ‘em outside,” you’ll see the beautiful (disgusting) last moments of a dying dragonfly. Oh, great. I’m so sure. Not even about anything in particular, I’m just SO SURE.

Oh, yeah. Look at its beautiful bug life. Look at its beautiful A Bug’s Life. Look at all of its beautiful bug memories. What a beautiful life its had, being huge and disgusting and scaring everyone it comes in contact with and not caring about how scary it is at all because it has no idea because it is a bug and probably doesn’t even care if its alive or dead at all. I wish we could move all the bugs into their own free-range bug farm where they can just scare each other for the rest of all of their lives and then we wouldn’t have to deal with any of them. I hate bugs. (Via BoingBoing.)