This Robot Pillow Video Might Actually Be Pornography, I’m Not Sure

I was willing to accept the video you’re about to watch as something that I would never know or understand the meaning of, and present it only as scary art/maybe porn. Because sometimes it’s better to just not know about certain things and to leave them alone and try to forget about them as quickly as you can because oh my goodness. But then I got very curious about what it actually was and curiosity kills the cat as we all know and so, well, ok here is the answer:

As part of his graduate thesis, German designer Stefan Ulrich worked with electroactive polymers (EPAs), a type of synthetic material — similar to everyday plastic — that changes shape in response to an electric current. Ulrich, however, decided to take advantage of the material’s unique properties to create a shape-shifting robot of marshmallow texture and color. Ulrich claims the project, which he calls Funktionide, provides its user “with an atmosphere of presence, thus counteracting the feeling of loneliness.”

Oh! Ooohhh my goodness. And now we’re all dead. Dead from curiosity about what this thing in the video is. So now that you’re dead why not join me in watching this video on an infinite loop forever and ever because I guess oops aw dangit we ended up in hell:

Oh, gross. Oh wow that is gross. That guy. The way he touches it? THE MUSIC? The way it’s…on his lap? And you? Well, just, how he puts his head on it then? JESUS, GUY. With that said, though, I a little bit really would like to touch one of these. Marshmallow texture sounds great. And I would like to feel what it feels like when it moves. Does it just move towards you on its own? How does it know where you are? How much does it weigh? Is it warm or cold to the touch? Does it keep “breathing” all night when you sleep with it? Can you make it into the shape of Britt Daniel? Other normal questions? (Via BuzzFeed.)