It Is 2011 And College Students Are STILL Recording Fake Raps

Every couple of years an article will come out about how things are different for children now than they used to be. “Children think of their parents as their best friends.” “Children live at home until they’re 40 now.” “It is finally possible for sex friends to remain best friends.” Or whatever. There was one story I read a few months ago about how the economic crisis could create an entire economic lost generation, which happened during the Great Depression. This is a group of people who enter into a non-existent workforce and find the experience to be so dehumanizing and frustrating and humiliating and anxiety-ridden that even when the economy improves they spend the rest of their lives struggling with insecurities and feelings of worthlessness. Yikes! That sounds awful. And yet, despite all of the iPads and the colleges that refuse to give out anything less than an A to over-indulged, entitled students, and the easy access to casual sex and drugs, despite the belief that everyone is a special snowflake and that not only should work be creatively fulfilling but it should also change dramatically every three years, despite these and other shifts in youth culture’s views on the world and their place in it, fuckers are still making terrible fake rap videos like this. Please sign the petition to end fake rap. Every vote counts, I’m sure. (Via BuzzFeed.)