Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Read this interview with Michael Ian Black. He seems like a great guy and I like how funny he is. One time I met him when I was six years younger than I am now and he was very nice to me. -Vulture
  • Watch a clip from next week’s Breaking Bad! Dooo ittt. -IMDB
  • Sarah Walker and Noah Garfinkel, I’m sure you know who they are I won’t get into it, do a very funny thing where they get drunk and high, respectively, and do things and then write about it. This time they went to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image! -Funny Or Die
  • An Andy Serkis-centered review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. You know who that is, right? -Film Drunk
  • The nine most scathing critical responses to The Change-Up. Not included: “More like the Change-NUP. Nup meaning ‘nope.'” -Kelly Conaboy. -Movieline
  • Here’s a recap of the first episode of the new season of the Jersey Shore. But probably you guys all have the episode memorized? So this is just gonna be like UH YEAH I KNOW? -Salon
  • Look at Serena with a skateboard on the Gossip Girl set. Why do you have a skateboard, Serena? Is it because you’re dating Leo and he also used to skateboard? Which I know from when I used to buy skateboard magazines in my youth and I read a story about it once? -Just Jared
  • James Franco explains the special effects in his Planet of the Apes movie as if he is a man who has travelled back to 1940 and needs to explain special effects on a 1940s Jimmy Kimmel talk show. -THR
  • Watch Taylor Swift cover Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” made famous in the film 8 Mile. Here’s a question I have: How many times do you say the line “mom’s spaghetti” in a given day? 5ish? Me too. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here are some alternative titles for the Kristie Alley TV show that I didn’t know was a thing! -BWE
  • Look at Amanda Seyfried in a wedding dress. Awww. I like her. BEAUTIFUL! -Celebuzz