This Week In GIFs

What a week it has been! I kind of feel like a late night talk show host when I write these Week In GIFs introductions. “We have a really great Week In GIFs for you tonight, everybody. I know I say that every night, but I really mean it tonight. Really great GIFs tonight.” -Kelnan O’Brien. That’s how I feel. But maybe those late night talk show hosts really do think they have great shows most of the nights? Probably not, but WHO KNOWS. But I guess it’s different for GIFs because pretty much all GIFs are great and entertaining, unlike celebrity talk show guests who are often very boring and only talk about the same things on every show and ugh who cares. So uh, what? Oh yeah, GIFS!

Gabe saw Captain America and didn’t give it a very good review!

There was a new episode of True Blood!

And also there was a new episode of Breaking Bad!

Also there was the first episode of the last season of Entourage!

Kids danced A LOT!

Alex Trebek was a hero!

Riff Raff was your boyfriend!

We found out that aliens exist!

Gabe hated nostalgia!

Videogum stood by its Louis C.K. promise!