Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • If you thought it was difficult before, it’s now almost IMPOSSIBLE to tell which one is Turtle and which one is Gabe. -BWE
  • Mad Men is streaming on Netflix right now! -Netflix
  • WTF is going on with Ricky Gervais, guys? I really don’t like him anymore, I don’t think! He’s reminding me of all the boyfriends I had in the first three years of high school, and then the last one that I had. I hope that one’s not reading this. Hello! -Huffington Post
  • Horrible Bosses may get a sequel, titled either Horribler Bosses or Even More Horrible Bosses. Vote now! Just kidding. Except for the first part. -Us
  • Here’s your first look at Jason Segal as Mark Duplass in the Duplass Brother’s upcoming movie, Jeff, Who Lives At Home. -First Showing
  • FilmDrunk’s Comic-Con photo diary, part three. IT’S LIKE WE WERE THERE TOO! -FilmDrunk
  • If you don’t enjoy Pixar music medleys, well, you are too specific about the things that you don’t like and you’re beyond help. -TheDailyWhat
  • Here’s a clip from the next Simpsons Halloween episode, featuring Ned as Dexter. Ugh Halloween is going to be here soon and then it will be winter again!! Boooo. -EW
  • Congratulations to everyone on It’s Always Sunny for having all of the babies in the whole world. You will all be great mothers and fathers, I’m sure. Please can I have some DVDs of your tv show. -The Superficial
  • I don’t get tired of reading articles about how Tina Fey is a comedic genius, do you? If so don’t read this article. -Slate
  • What are Rob Pat and Kris Stew up to in London, you ask? I don’t know, loving each other? Enjoying each others company? Being happy? Jeeeeze, you are very nosey. -Celebuzz
  • I like this poster of Ryan Gosling and George Clooney for Ides of March. Do you like it? -Just Jared
  • Happy Birthday, Stanley Kubrick. I used to tell all of my film major friends in college that you were my favorite director only because I like The Shining. Congratulations! What an honor. -Movieline