This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

Hard to believe Ryan Gosling Week is already over. So sad. I’m going to miss you, Ryan Gosling Week. But what if I told you that IT ISN’T OVER YET! Whoa. Because after the jump we’ve got a brand new Ryan Gosling Movie Trailer!!!! Yay. Live every week like it’s Ryan Gosling Week, etc. It is a trailer for a movie called Drive and it looks VERY GOOD. There is also a trailer for the new Justin Timberlake movie from the guy who did Gattaca, and a creepy Daniel Craig trailer, and a new Wong Kar Wai movie that looks neat. Man, Ryan Gosling Week is the best!


Guys, this looks REALLY GOOD! Like, the first half of the trailer is compelling enough because it hits a lot of the right action buttons but is also vague enough that you’re not quite sure what this movie is even about, but then the second half? When the music slows down? And it just becomes art? Nice. Even if somehow this movie disappoints us, and Best Director at Cannes prize suggests that it won’t, but even if it does, no one will ever be able to take this wonderful trailer away from us.

In Time

This could really go either way, but no matter what it is a total win-win! The movie could turn out to be well done and cool but with interesting things to say about mortality and gross economic disparities. I liked Gattaca, so this could be like that. Somewhat more likely is that this is a failure, because it looks very complicated and somewhat (plentywhat) cheesey. But if it does turn out that it’s a failure, I think it’s going to be a grandiose, over-reaching, MEGA failure, which will be just as incredible and entertaining as a good movie. So, either way, we win.

Paranormal Activity 3

I’ve never seen the other Paranormal Activity movies (although my name is in the credits), and this one was directed by the guys who made Catfish so it looks like that streak will be unbroken.

Dream House

Spooky! It’s kind of like Shutter Island minus the ridiculous Boston accents and painfully predictable O’Henry style ending and in a house. Or perhaps it is more like The Others minus the Dr. House M.D. diseases. (Incidentally, I have not actually seen Shutter Island but I have no qualms making fun of it, and I saw The Others in the theater and thought it was great. Tally your scores.) Also: DANIEL CRAIG!

The Grand Master

Wong Kar Wai kind of biffed it with My Blueberry Nights, but he is still very good at his job, and although this trailer doesn’t tell us a single thing about what this movie is even about, WHO CARES?! It is a kung fu fight scene in the rain! From the new Wong Kar Wai movie! You had me at Grand.