Noted Prankosaurus George Clooney Pulls Incredible Hilarious Sneak Prank Attack On Prank Newbie Ryan Gosling

The behind-the-scenes goof-em-ups continue as actor/director/prank enthusiast George Clooney delivers another of his Full Frontal Prank Assaults on Walt Disney Mousketeer Ryan Gosling. From the DailyMail UK:

He’s long been regarded as something of a Peter Pan in the movie world for his love of silly pranks [Ed. note: UHHHHH] – and Ryan Gosling has revealed that George Clooney is leaving his co-stars rather red-faced and wet of trouser in his latest comedy wheeze.

Talking to U.S. entertainment show Extra to promote new movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ryan revealed: “He will come up to you and tell you something very serious, and then you walk away and you realise your pants are wet. He’s had like an Evian spray bottle. He’s been spraying your crotch the whole time.”

What a great prank! Much like all pranks, this prank, too, is hilarious and fun and it makes sense that one adult would pull it on another adult while they are at their WORK. So funny. “You guys, is Ryan Gosling, OK? This is the third time he has lost control of his bladder in as many days and unwanted urination could be a sign of a serious mental disorder. Perhaps we should put the project on hold until he can get a CAT scan?” LOLOLOL! Of course, this prank would make much more sense in, say, a home appliance call service center, or a dialysis clinic, somewhere where an adult peeing themselves (oh man, just so fucking funny) is surprising and hilarious. But a movie set? As far as everyone was probably concerned, it was just the actor in Ryan taking over. Either that, or another classic on-set prank, either way: VERY NORMAL STUFF.

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