This Duckling Is Not Very Good At Ukulele But At Least He’s Trying

The thing about learning an instrument is that you have to be ok with messing up. No one is going to be perfect right out of the gate, and instead of getting discouraged with your failings, Duckling, you should let them encourage you. Say to yourself, Well, now I know exactly what I have to work on. And then work on it, over and over until you get it right. Listen, I can tell you have some natural ability with this, but I want you to stay cautious about relying too much on that. You’ll fall into the trap of letting what you already have be “good enough,” and you know who’s going to pull ahead? Those other Ducklings who started out with nothing. Never settle, you can always be better. You have to work hard at it every day, and you know what? I think you will. (Via Buzzfeed.)