Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Some Community relationships, drawn as if Community were a children’s book. -Vulture
  • Ryan Gosling lifts up Al Roker because duh hello he’s promoting a movie! -Jezebel
  • Oh also, George Clooney loves pranks and making Ryan Gosling pee his pants. -Just Jared
  • Warming Glow has put together a list of what they think are the ten douchiest moments in Entourage history. I don’t know, I’ve never seen it, but it seems PRETTY cool. -Warming Glow
  • Now there is a video from Linda Hamilton asking to be asked to the Marine Ball thing? This has gotten to be quite a bit much. And quite a bit slanty-face-emoticon! -Film Drunk
  • Oh my God, AND someone invited Miley Cyrus? I hope someone invites Gabe next.  -Celebuzz
  • Paris Hilton walks off a TV interview set or whatever basically the same thing she always does? It seems like Paris Hilton never DOESN’T walk out of an interview. Come on, Paris, we all want to know what you have to say don’t leeave yeeeeeet! -The Superficial
  • How Chris Evans looks so skinny in Captain America. Tell us your secret, right ladies!? (Wrong.) -Yahoo Movies
  • Stephen Colbert’s very nice “It Gets Better” video. That guy is great, it seems like!  -Splitsider
  • There’s going to be a Clockwork Orange musical? And it’s going to be like West Side Story? OH GREAT! -Movieline
  • South Park is going to be on TV until the end of time, basically. Yaaaay! -PopWatch
  • This guy is very good at impressions. You know who else is good at impressions? I am. I can do both Neil Young and Daniel Plainview. -TheDailyWhat