People Have Fun In Weird Ways: Tarp Surfing

Not that I would ever want to spoil anyone’s good clean summer fun, because GCSF is the best, especially when it is set to a cover of a Louden Wainwright song, but uh, whatTF is going on here? You run across the tarp while people pull it over you so it kind of looks like a wave? That doesn’t seem like fun! That only seems like running on plastic. Like a weird poor man’s version of the parachute games you’d play during gym class in first grade, except somehow even worse than that description. Not that a game has to be particularly thrilling to be a fun game to play in the summertime. Like some of us, for example, might play a game with a frisbee they invented called “Mamma Mia!” where you stand in a close circle with your friends and throw a frisbee in the middle in a weird way and then call out the type of pizza thing it is, based on the weird way you threw it. Like, for example, maybe you twist your arms and throw it in the air and say “garlic knots.” You know? You get it? “Mamma Mia!”

Listen, I’m not saying that the game I just described, “Mamma Mia!” is any better or worse than tarp surfing. I’m just saying that maybe tarp surfing looks like not a lot of fun and maybe we should all try to get this “Mamma Mia!” game off the ground because hey that sounds like a great time. (Thanks for the tip, Andy!)