Robot Mouth Says “Go Back To Bed”

In sleep, nothing can hurt you. Even if you dream that you fall off of the world’s tallest building (one second, I have something in my eye, I’m definitely not looking it up) the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, you will be OK! I had a nightmare one time when I was a little kid that I was in a concentration camp sort of and they cut off the top of my head, like, right in the middle of my forehead, with a piece of razor wire, and look at me now! Clean bill of health and I bet my brain is very normal and normally adjusted too! The point is, when we are asleep, we are safe. (This is actually not even remotely true. Someone could kill us in our sleep! That is why we must always be alert and have weapons within easy reach of the bed. But this is a discussion for another time, during our Weekly Safety Seminar. For the purpose of this post, sleep is safe and wonderful and not an invitation to murderers to try and surprise us but we cannot be surprised so now YOU are the ones who are surprised, you stupid murderers!) What I’m trying to say is that you might want to just go right back to bed right now and not even watch this video of a “singing” robot mouth (nice song, idiot) but if you do go ahead and watch this video then you are DEFINITELY going to want to go back to bed. Either way, goodnight!

Funny enough, this horrifying robot mouth still sounds better than Ke$ha. DING DONG! ZINGNET IS NOW ONLINE AND BECOMES SELF-AWARE IN 2000LOL! (Via PopSci.)