These Kids Are Cute And Good At Dancing, What More Do You Want

I know that videos of children and videos of people dancing can get a bit tiresome. I don’t know why — I’m never tired of either of those things because they are the best things — but I understand that they do for lots of people. I guess because you see them all the time and the ideas are always the same in each case. “Cute” and “funny.” Or “good.” I guess I can understand that. Certainly, though, no one can ever be tired of videos of children dancing, right?! Children, sure, dancing, sure, but both of them together? Probably you can watch videos of children dancing all day and never get sick of it! I wouldn’t be able to comprehend a world in which that was not the truth. So enjoy this perfect video and have a wonderful Friday! It’s Friday, right? Almost the weeekkeeenndd. (Via SayOMG.)