Roseanne’s Nuts Is ACTUALLY About Nuts?!

So, Roseanne Barr has a new reality show coming to Lifetime this month. Anybody left? Anyone on the list who still doesn’t have a reality TV show? No? Everyone’s got one now? Cool. Enjoy! Anyway, it is called Roseanne’s Nuts because she’s so crazy. That’s a good name! She is a comedy legend for her brash refusal to play by other people’s rules. (Haha. That is a good sentence! Maybe some jerk needs me to write descriptions of stuff for his Terrible Writing That Ultimately Doesn’t Mean Anything When You Thnk About It For Even One Second Company?) Oh, but also, it’s mostly called Roseanne’s Nuts because now she is a Macadamia nut farmer in Hawaii. WAIT, WHAT?! I’m not surprised that she is a Macadamia nut farmer in Hawaii because if I had ALL THE MONEY that is what I would be doing, too. It sounds great. But the fact that there is a new reality show called Roseanne’s Nuts about Roseanne and ACTUAL NUTS is hilarious. Good work everyone. Christmas bonus! Teaser after the jump (SPOILER ALERT: they have even, if you can believe it, found a THIRD meaning for the word “nuts”!):

Haha. Sure.