Watch Jay Leno’s Head Fall Off!

Most of the late night talk shows are on hiatus this week, but Jay Leno is still on the air. Thattaboy! Vacation is a luxury he simply cannot afford. What does “afford” mean, again? It means having 100 billion dollars in your checking account but an overwhelming existential lack in the pit of your soul that no amount of money, fame, attention, or airplane hangars full of antique cars can fill, right? Got it. Anyway, Jay Leno was on the air, which meant he got to make jokes about the Casey Anthony verdict. Neat! Whenever I hear that a woman widely believed to have murdered her two-year-old daughter (because she thought her two-year-old daughter was “annoying”) has been found not guilty by a jury of her peers, the first thing I always want to know is WHAT IS JAY GONNA SAY ABOUT THIS ONE?! Get in there, buddy! There’s got to be some kind of pun to be made out of infanticide. Oooh, or maybe you can somehow link the death of a two-year-old to MONICA LEWINSKY! But, so, Jay Leno did make a joke comparing the Casey Anthony jury to Barack Obama’s economic advisors (?!?!) and the joke bombs so definitively that Jay Leno’s head falls off and rolls all the way down the studio floor, only stopping when it bumps against a trash can. Seriously, watch, it’s amazing:

IS THIS THING ON, LADIES AND GERMS?! Oh man. Amazing. I wish you could bottle and sell Jay Leno’s face during that moment. You wouldn’t get rich, because who would buy a bottle of that, but it would be hilarious. That is not a good joke! But so many of Jay’s jokes are terrible that it makes sense that he would simply assume some kind of technical error. Besides, the audience LOVED IT the second time around, so it probably was just the microphone. “Tell it for an unprecedented third time, Jay, the joke about how the Casey Anthony jury is like Barack Obama’s team of economic advisors and how both groups of people are stupid!” That is what the audience shrieked right after this clip, like banshees. (Via GotchaMedia.)