Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Megan Mullally talks about the possibility of Oprah playing Ron Swanson’s ex-wife on Parks & Rec, among other things that make you like her even though you don’t know her and probably never will, though who can say. -Celebuzz
  • Jason Batemen seems like he is a very nice man and we all like him a lot, again, without knowing him. Here is a NYTimes piece about him, his whole life, and Horrible Bosses. -NYTimes
  • It’s great to hear that your financial analyst is not under house arrest anymore, I’m sure it was very hard for her to work that way, congratulations to you both. -Dlisted
  • Everyone is so excited about this Chris Hansen news that it feels like we’re all vindicated pedophiles. “You’re the bad one!” Right? It is weird. -The Superficial
  • Emma Stone is charming and very cute in her Vanity Fair article, which is I’m sure the opposite of what we all expected. -Vanity Fair
  • Hannibal Buress is very funny and a fine interview subject. -AV Club
  • Neil Patrick Harris has an NPR t-shirt. The celebs are just like us, if we all have NPR t-shirts, which we may or may not! -Just Jared
  • New Van Damme movie has four record scratches in it! Also boobs. Also other things, here: -Film Drunk
  • Ways the pretty lady is objectified in the new Transformers movie. Awww she’s so preeetttyyy. -Vulture
  • The taiwanese animation chronicles of Shia LaBeouf. -Movieline
  • Stephen Colbert has been approved to form his own Super PAC. -The Daily What
  • It’s your last day to enter to win our True Blood items! Win them! -Videogum