Chet Haze Official Music Video, Son!

Just days after his first real big boy concert, Chet Haze is dropping (am I doing this right, Chet? “Dropping your joint,” right? Explosion sound effect?) his first official music video for his song “Another Chance.” Actually, it’s pretty clear that the video was recorded AT his first real big boy concert. Awww! It’s kind of like when they videotaped my haftarah portion the day before my actual bar mitzvah because you couldn’t actually have videocameras in the synagogue during the actual service because God would be mad. Or sad? God would definitely be something. To make it even more like a bar mitzvah, Chet Haze seems to have given the audience that tried-and-true bar/bat mitzvah party staple: the glow necklace. SWAG. You the man now, dog, Chet Haze! Get it? Holy rites of passage? Hello? You in there, McFlyenstein?! (Via @CHETHAZE.)