Harrison Ford Calls Shia LaBeouf “An Idiot,” LET THE FEUD BEGIN!

Harrison Ford called Shia LaBeouf an idiot! FINALLY, A GOOD OLD FEUD! There’s a whole context to it that is super boring and involves, like, Shia LaBeouf criticizing that Indiana Jones movie that came out 150 years ago and Harrison Ford responding to that interview in his own interview, but that’s boring. Let’s pretend that we either don’t know the context, or that the context is actually interesting. Let’s pretend that Shia LaBeouf, just off the set from Wall Street 2, tried to give Harrison Ford investment advice, thinking that he was actually an investment banker now, and Harrison Ford, out of politeness, actually gave him $350,000 to play around with, and Shia lost the whole nut. From NME

[Harrison Ford] told Details: “I think he was a fucking idiot.”

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! FIGHT EACH OTHER IN THE FACE! Man, I love a good celebrity feud. Let me put it this way, I love celebrity feuds almost as much as I love referring to a large sum of money as a “nut.”