Penguin Keeps It Real

Lots of times when you get a person on camera they’ll act a little differently than they would otherwise. It’s easy to become more aware of yourself and how you’re being perceived, and it’s very easy to get self conscious. So maybe you act and react a little differently. “This is how I always stand,” you’ll scream to yourself, in your head. “I have to go to the bathroom and look at my face, I think it might look weird right now.” But sometimes you get a person who just doesn’t give an F what anyone thinks about him, and maybe doesn’t even realize he’s on camera because he is a penguin and doesn’t understand what cameras are, so he’s just totally natural and it’s just so refreshing to see. He’s not trying to impress anyone. He understands the world and he rejects it because it is terrifying. He’s just keeping it real.

“Yeeeeeah, no. No thanks.” -That penguin (Via Reddit.)