This Cat Is A Jerk And What It’s Doing Does Not Count As “Boxing”

I’ve never owned a cat. I lived with a cat once and it killed all the mice in our house, which was nice, but it also peed on everything and was unaffectionate and kind of acted like it didn’t even know there were ever any other living beings around it. Other than the mice, which it killed. It was a stupid thing to have around, if I can be direct about it. Though I am certainly not a cat person, maybe because — like I said — I’ve never owned a cat. I’ve only had dogs. But I’m sure there ARE cats that are cool to be around, I guess. Not that I want to get into a big cats vs. dogs debate because really who cares, they’re all fine, whatever, let’s not discuss it, unless you want to, then by all means, but oh my God this cat is A JERK!

“Boxing.” Uh, no? Not boxing. Your cat is ONLY being a jerk. And also you are being a jerk. (Via VVV.)