Here’s The Rob Zombie Woolite Commercial You Wanted

Rob Zombie (musician, director, brother of Spider One) has directed a new commercial for Woolite. And that is, of course, very weird. It’s not even Halloween! If it were around Halloween it would seem kind of normal, I think. And it would seem pretty cool and like a kind of good idea that showed that Woolite has some bright young(ish) people on their marketing team, who are only slightly misguided and who use the term “viral” a lot, a lot a lot. But to release it right now it’s just kind of like, huh? Why are you trying to scare me? I’m kind of scared, so you did it, but why? I just want to go to the beach with a Dave Sedaris book from three years ago and be left alone. And I definitely don’t want any Woolite because I barely wash my clothes anyway and I wouldn’t even know how to use it, maybe include how you’re supposed to use it in the commercial. (Which I assume is EVERYONE’S reaction.) But anyway, here it is, and it is exactly how you would imagine a Rob Zombie-directed commercial for Woolite would be.

Definitely not a bad commercial! I think it’s good. Good use of Rob Zombie. Good use of getting me to think about that Goosebumps book. Bad use of understanding when a commercial would work best in late October.