Girl Gives The Internet’s Final Star Wars Review

I don’t know who this person is. Her name is Trisha, though, and she also goes by the name Grindhouse Barbie, and I don’t want to look any deeper into who she is right now because you know why. I just don’t. Don’t you do it either. I have a good feeling that it will be NSFY. Not safe for you. In this (safe for you) vlog she gives her opinion on Star Wars after watching half of it on Spike TV, because she had an ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she hadn’t seen it, and he said that she was dumb because of that. Trisha, you are not dumb (because of that)! Your ex-boyfriend sounds like a jerk! Also, what’s with your voice and face? Also, you are exactly right about everything you have to say about Star Wars!

The thing is, it’s easy to sound stupid when you’re talking about Star Wars and you don’t know a lot about Star Wars, because Star Wars is stupid. “Big gold robot,” “little post office box thing,” and “big fuzzy bear” are accurate descriptions. And it is very confusing that it is the first movie but it is actually the fourth movie! Or the fourth movie but actually the first movie! I don’t even know how to phrase it! Also, “I know there’s like a million Star Wars movies, I heard there was like 20 or something.” TOO TRUE. So, in conclusion, this person is exactly right about everything, she is very smart, and the Droid phone was definitely named that because of how C-3PO is a droid.

No one has to vlog a review of Star Wars anymore, Grindhouse Barbie nailed it. (Thanks for the tip, Dusky Panther.)