Best New Party Game: Describe Your Penis With A Movie

We haven’t had a BNPG in a little while, so what better time than on a glorious (meh) summer day to get together with friends and just have FUN! Can we have class outside today, ma’am? Bring your own blanket to sit on! This one really took off on Twitter yesterday. It should be pretty obvious how to play. (It should also be pretty obvious how NOT to play. Don’t be disgusting, ladies.) Just in case it isn’t obvious ENOUGH, though, here are some very good examples:

Little Man Tate
Good Hair
Gone In 60 Seconds
21 Grams
The Bone Collector

Haha. You get it. Penises! Gross! Movies Fun! Sorry! Play! No homo!

SIDENOTE: The photo associated with this post features Morgan Freeman as President Beck in the movie Deep Impact. Hello? Deep Impact?! Penises?! I just didn’t want anyone to miss out on my hilarious Deep Impact joke. DEEP IMPACT.