“Swingsetting” In Los Angeles

To be an adult and have an opinion on swings is incorrect, I feel like. Swings are for children, and for an adult to care either way about them seems inappropriate and twee. (“Twee,” gross, groosssss.) That being said, though — I loooveeee swiiiiiiingsss! And I live with a lot of confused self-hatred. They’re so fun! It’s like sitting except so much more fun than just sitting. I do have the body and mind of a child though (3’2″, 52 lbs., very dumb), so maybe I come at it from a different angle than most adults. But, man. There’s nothing like going to a park and having a swing. The park by my house is getting remodeled this summer though, which is just the dumbest thing. Why not the winter? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE THE SUMMER? Stupid. Oh yeah anyway, here is a video of a group of people setting up lots of swings in (sometimes kind of dangerous?) places in Los Angeles. They’ve done it in a few other cities too, like San Francisco and Panama, and they’re raising money now to do it in Bolivia. “It’s like…guerrilla happiness.” – Someone in this video at some point I’m almost positive. Swings yay! Summer yay!

Another great thing about swinging on a swing is that you can pretend you’re in a movie that makes you mad. “Joe Swanberg, what’s my inspiration here? Swinging? Swinging and having a great time? Ok great I’m ready for my close up but make sure the sound guy is really far away so you can’t here anything I’m saying. Action!” (Via Reddit.)