This Week In Gifs

Here we are again, everyone: This Week In GIFs. I can’t believe we’re here already! Did someone Click remote us here? If so, can I have your Click remote? I really, really want one. I’ll pay you! I can offer up to $500. That’s more than fair. Anyway, what a great week it was! Let’s take a motion graphic-y look back:

Gabe didn’t really like X-Men: First Class!

The MTV Movie Awards happened!

Alec Baldwin is probably not running for mayor of New York City!

Kathy Beth Terry did something!

Glenn Beck is a vlogger now!

It was Natalie Portman’s 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Natalie Portman!

And Dr. Birdie arrived to help us with all of our problems!

Hahahah. That Birdie GIF is the first GIF I have ever made. CAN YOU TELL?

Anyway, great week, guys. GIF you next week.