The Second Summer Jam Of 2011: Katey Red’s “Where Da Melph At”

This morning, I was riding the subway (that’s right, ladies) and there was this gang of dudes sitting in the corner around a giant cooler, all wearing shorts and flip flops and tank tops, with sunglasses perched on top of their heads, and beach towels draped around their necks. They were going to the beach! What?! NOT FAIR. Oh man, I was so mad at those dudes. You fucking dudes. GET BACK HERE AND WRITE THIS BLOG. It’s just not cool when you see other people who have the right idea and you realize that you have the wrong idea. Whoops! Anyway, congratulations to all those dudes for being GENIUSES and I hope the beach burns to the ground. Meanwhile, the second summer jam of 2011 comes from a transgendered artist from New Orleans named Katey Red. (Not to be confused with Kathy Beth Terry.) This is a real jam no joke. Put your shorts on but have a spare pair of shorts just in case you ruin the ones you just put on.

The part at the beginning when everyone runs out of the house and starts booty-popping everywhere is basically the New Orleans version of the dudes I saw on the subway. So much having the right idea up in everyone’s face. Guys, we seriously need to work on our ideas and fixing what is wrong with them, which is apparently everything. (Via Dlisted.)