Ask Idris Elba

To promote the upcoming second season of the very great BBC cop drama Luther, which is so great, Idris Elba answered questions that people submitted on Facebook. Idris Elba! Stringer Bell! But also Luther! (If it isn’t clear by now, you should be watching Luther, and if you aren’t, fucking fix it.) Now, all of these questions are very dry and kind of sound like they were written by a Publicity Robot whose job was to Make Everything Sound A Little Bit Boring. Except that it’s Idris Elba doing the answering. So actually it is pretty great. I could listen to him answer questions about what it was like making THE PHONEBOOK and still enjoy it. No pooftero. Supposedly there are five installments of Ask Idris Elba, but the BBC has only uploaded four. That’s plenty, although I do hope that the main mystery detective John Luther has to solve in the coming season is what happened to the fifth installment of the YouTube publicity interview?! What a game of cat and mouse he could play with such a mystery. I’ve also posted the new trailer for Series 2 (in England they call “seasons” of television “series,” which is why they lost the Revolutionary War, I think?). It looks great, obviously.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

And here is the new trailer!

Yup. Yes. (Thanks for the tip, Mike.)