That’s Your 13-Year-Old: Katy Perry

I guess Katy Perry has a new music video coming out soon? As a grown adult man, I don’t keep up with the latest Katy Perry news, and I didn’t even know that you could “have a new music video coming out soon” in 2011. Like, I know people still make music videos, but with the possible exception of Lady Gaga, I kind of thought they just appeared on Vevo and you only saw them when you accidentally googled something else. Anyway, the song for the video is called “Last Friday Night” and apparently it has this whole “teenagers partying” vibe to it, all of which is fine, but none of which quite explains why Katy Perry has created a 13-year-old alter ego for herself named Kathy Beth Terry. From ONTD:

Perry’s solar-system-loving persona has already hit the social media realms of Twitter and Facebook. Not only does Kathy Beth Terry love a good party, but she’s a technology wiz too. “Harry S. Truman High: your firewall is weak, just hacked into @Twitter at the library, you can’t block me, n00bs!” Kathy tweeted on Tuesday.

Wait, what? Cool tweet. Cool persona. After the jump, I have posted a video that Kathy Beth Terry made and man oh man, this is the weirdest thing I have seen a pop-star do since 50 Cent’s “Pimpin’ Curly” phase (hahaha, remember 50 Cent’s “Pimpin’ Curly” phase?! I nearly forgot! But I remember!). Seriously, what is even going on here:

Acting! This is just fun for everybody. Right? So fun. She’s having fun. We’re having fun. This is what pop music is all about. Shoot whip cream out of your tits and then let’s all go to jaiiilllll!!!!! This guy knows what I’m talking about:

Arrest us! Arrest her! Arrest Russell Brand! Arrest EVERYONE!