Glenn Beck Is Just A Vlogger Now

Ever since it was announced that Glenn Beck would be leaving his show at FOX News, he has been crying teasing what would be next. Would he defect to another network? Would he get his own network? Would he finally shut up? None of the above! He is going to be vlogging on the Internet! From

In a story first reported tonight by The New York Times, Glenn Beck, and his company Mercury Radio Arts, are proud to announce the creation of GBTV – a live streaming video network featuring Glenn’s new daily two-hour show and a wide range of original and licensed information and entertainment programming.

I like how Glenn Beck has built his career on attacking the New York Times and yet he uses their reporting on his Vlog Network as proof of its legitimacy. It’s so weird that Glenn Beck is acting in a way that is dishonest and self-serving! So weird the weirdest. So, tell us more about your vlogs:

What kind of programming will GBTV have? Starting today and running through the launch of Glenn’s new show on 9/12, the network will feature an exclusive behind-the-scenes reality show about the making of GBTV. GBTV subscribers will also get access to a video simulcast of Glenn’s daily three hour radio program, original documentaries, and in-depth coverage of live events, such as Glenn’s ‘Restoring Courage’ event in Israel on August 24th.

So, this “network” will include Glenn Beck’s show and then…a show ABOUT Glenn Beck’s show? Fascinating, I’m sure. Wait, AND documentaries about Glenn Beck’s live events? What a network! AMC is like “cancel everything, we quit.” CNN is like, “Oh no, he is the news now!” Obviously, this self-serving blog will be free to everyone so that we can all learn about the fascinating opinions that Glenn Beck has about himself.

New subscribers can join GBTV immediately at Subscriptions are $4.95/month for access to Glenn’s two-hour daily show only, or $9.95 for GBTV Plus, which offers the complete network of programs, including the radio simulcast, documentaries and special events. For a limited time, all new subscribers can join at the $4.95 rate.

Hahhahahaha. You have to pay for this garbage? Whoops. If I wanted to watch crazy idiots make stuff up in their bedrooms I would go to YOUTUBE. Nonsense. Glenn Beck, ladies and germs. BANG THE VLOGS! He is the new Sexman now, dogs.