The Smurfs Are Racist And Anti-Semitic, Claims This Dude

Are The Smurfs racist and anti-Semitic? I don’t know, probably? As someone who as a child used to collect Smurf figurines that he kept in a Crown Royal bag, I’m pretty sure The Smurfs are definitely racist and anti-Semitic, especially the one that was a fireman who came with this little barrel that you could fill with REAL WATER and when you squeezed it some water would come dribbling out of the firehose he held in his gloved hands. Neo-Nazi, basically. Anyway, some dude in France is claiming that The Smurfs are racist and anti-Semitic. From Arbroath:

The Smurfs, the cuddly blue comic strip creatures loved by generations of children, are anti-Semitic and racist, treating blacks like moronic primates, a new book claims. The claims by Antoine Buéno, 33, a lecturer at Paris’ prestigious Sciences Po political sciences school, have been branded a “disgrace” that “soils the legends of our childhood” by an army of Smurf lovers. Under the guise of a “critical and political analysis of Smurf society”, Mr Buéno’s ‘Little Blue Book’ ruthlessly deconstructs the world of Smurfs (Schtroumpfs in French).

His stark conclusions are that the blue men created in 1958 by Belgian artist Peyo, real name Thierry Culliford, represent an “archetype of totalitarian society imbued with Stalinism and Nazism”. The author backs up his claims of racism by citing Peyo’s first work – The Black Smurfs in French but translated as The Purple Smurfs in the English version for reasons of political correctness. In the story, a Smurf gets stung by a black fly that turns his skin jet black, drives him insane and deprives him of speech. Soon the entire village has changed colour.

This guy should probably just rest his case. “They turn black in one episode so this cartoon is racist, I rest my case.” CASE CLOSED! Instead, he goes on to explain himself:

Mr Buéno said the story was clearly racist, as when the Smurfs turn black, “they are reduced to the state of primitives who get around by jumping and crying: ‘Gnap! Gnap!'” “They lose all trace of intelligence and become completely moronic,” said Mr Buéno. “It’s roughly the way Africans were viewed by white colonisers in the 19th century.” Mr Buéno also contends that The Smurfs’ arch-enemy, the wizard Gargamel, comes across as a classic anti-Semitic caricature of a money-grabbing Jew, the book claims. “Gargamel is ugly, dirty, with a hooked nose (who) is fascinated by gold”.

Eek! I mean, again, I’m perfectly willing to believe that The Smurfs ARE racist and anti-Semitic. Wasn’t everything created in 1958 racist and anti-Semitic? I feel like napkins were racist back then. You were making a strong political statement against the Zionist Jew every time you brushed your teeth with Crest. But even if you make the icky-feeling claim that the Black Smurfs reflected how people felt about black people at the time (Yikes! Yikes! Please make your way to the Emergency Exits!) I’m not entirely sure that people back then were worried that EVERYONE was going to TURN black? Was that a thing? “First you give them the right to vote, next thing you know we are no longer a peaceful group of blue trolls living in the forest, now we all have the X-Files Rage Virus.” What?

I find his arguments about Gargamel to be much more convincing. Although where are Gargamel’s horns? A rare miss, Antoine Bueno.

Papa Smurf, the village’s aged white-bearded leader, meanwhile, is portrayed as a dictatorial gerontocrat wielding absolute power and whose red hat and trousers are a nod to Stalin, while Smurfette, the only blonde female created by Gargamel to wreck havoc among his enemies is a misogynistic take on Aryan woman. The book has sparked a deluge of fury from Smurf aficionados. Such has been the outrage, the author said he feared for his physical safety and insisted he meant no harm.

Hahhaha. Oh good grief. The Smurfs are all over the map! Racism and anti-Semitism sure, but an aesthetic nod towards Stalin in a pair of shorts AND a misogynistic take on Aryan women (with blue skin)? I’m surprised we even have a civilized society still. How did we not TEAR OURSELVES APART with this CARTOON! The funniest part about this whole situation, though, has to be “The book has sparked a deluge of fury from Smurf aficionados.” RELAX, SMURF AFICIONADOS. Oh, wait, sorry, let me put it in terms you can understand: SMURFAX.