Donald Trump: Entrepreneur, Father, Vlogger

Earlier this week, Donald Trump was filmed eating pizza with Sarah Palin and it’s been a whole thing. So, obviously, Donald Trump did what any trust-fund-baby-turned-businessman-baby-turned-reality-TV-show-host-baby would do: he made a vlog about it! Classic business stuff.

“I don’t carry knives and forks with me.” BUSINESS SECRETS FROM THE TOP! Powerful stuff. Very good vlog. Donald Trump’s new catch-phrase is probably “YOU’RE VLOGGED.” I’m not sure what the big deal is since I’m pretty sure you could go into any pizza place in New York and see two idiots eating pizza together. And if the problem is that they don’t eat pizza like normal people eat pizza, well, uhm, do they do ANYTHING the way that normal people do things? Like, Donald Trump doesn’t even OWN A HEAD the way normal people do. He rents his from a crypt. And Sarah Palin can only achieve orgasm if her vagina is kept at 1,000,000 degrees minus Kelvin. Plastic forks are the least of these clowns’ problems. (Via GotchaMedia.)