This Makes More Sense

We all had a lot of fun yesterday with the tiny motivational bicycle speaker video. Some of us may have even linked to it twice already today. “We aren’t saying who, but some of us may have already done that.” – Gabe. That’s what Gabe would say. It made us feel very good about ourselves and for a while we thought maybe we really could do it. That if we just tried, and kept trying, it would eventually happen for us. It was Wednesday then. But today it is Thursday and maybe some of us have realized that we cannot do it, no matter how hard we try. That there are limitations. That bicycles are very scary, even when you are provided with a bike lane and have a helmet on and have a flashing thing on you so cars can see you. They are still very scary and anyone who says otherwise is lying and I don’t know why they are lying, we all know the truth.

MUCH more relatable. Happy birthday! (Via Reddit.)