That’s Your Boyfriend: Dr. Deluxe

“When a relationship gets serious, that’s when you really need to start worrying about the details. Eventually, of course, in order for a relationship to grow and endure, you need to get on the same page about all kinds of things including how to raise children, how to spend money, where you want to live, and other ways in which two people agree about their hopes and goals and then set about achieving those hopes and goals together. But one of the things I like best about my boyfriend, Dr. Deluxe, the self-proclaimed “King of Everything,” is that, you know, we’ll get to all that stuff later, and I’m sure it will be perfect and we will agree about all of it and we will stay together forever and be more happy than anyone has ever been happy before even, but for right now I am just living in the moment and LOVING his body and his vlogs about his body, especially when he plays guitar. Oh, not a song, just, you know, a couple of discordant random notes before he shows off his legs because he’s been “getting a lot of requests for legs.” Man, I just love him it’s crazy how much. I love him, his hat, his ceiling fan, and his hospital room TV. But mostly him.”


I’m so excited for you two. You are perfect together. No offense. (Thanks for the tip, Terry.)