Holiday Weekend Movie Trailers Round Up, You Guys

While you were spending the weekend eating burnt veggie burgers and trying to figure out why the $10 iPod dock you bought at Walgreen’s wasn’t working, Hollywood was busy putting the final touches on WHAT YOU WANT. Just kidding. Hollywood doesn’t care about you. Sad story! They were, however, busy releasing some new movie trailers. Neat! Let’s take a look:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer, you guys:

There was a bunch of speculation on-line this weekend over whether or not this trailer was only made to LOOK like a bootleg trailer and if in fact it was an official trailer leaked by Sony. Cool. Cool speculation. GO OUTSIDE, DORKS. In any case, this movie looks good! I did not really like the book very much, although I hated it less than The Girl Who Played with Fire. Holy moly. This trailer doesn’t answer one question I’ve always had, though: how come all the ladies wanna bone Kalle Blomquist? Oh, because he is Daniel Craig. Gotcha.

Take Shelter trailer, you guys:

This trailer actually came out a week before the holiday weekend, but it looks really good! Do you want to talk about how good it looks and what an interesting and compelling actor Michael Shannon is, or do you just want to grump about how it actually came out a week before the holiday weekend? Typical.

50/50 Trailer:

Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt cancer comedy! AT LONG LAST! I genuinely hope that this is good. It’s hard to tell from this trailer! It could really go either way. But it is nice to see someone at least attempting to make a comedy that deals with a slightly more serious issue than having diarrhea in an airport bathroom? (Although I bet you there is still some kind of chemo-induced diarrhea-in-an-airport-bathroom scene in 50/50.) Fingers crossed!

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World trailer, you guys:

Just kidding. We are not actually going to talk about the Spy Kids 4 trailer. I would like to say, though, that I really like the idea that if your stepmom is a spy, you will probably just get to be a spy? Like the spies will give you all their spy stuff just because your stepmom is also a spy even though you are only a child and then say “good luck with the spying” and now you’re a spy? Even after 9/11 the spies still do it this way.