You Did That Wrong, President Obama! I Guess!

You know how President Obama is visiting the UK right now? I’m sure you know. There are lots of pictures about it everywhere. And something about his limo getting stuck. And writing the wrong year in a guest book. And now a different thing? Basically it’s like Meet the Parents meets The Queen. “I’ve got nipples, President Obama, can you milk The Queen of England?” – The Queen of England. Gross!

Last night at some kind of event (?) at Buckingham Palace, President Obama committed a major y’oops by speaking over the national anthem while he was toasting the Queen. And touched his glass before her or something? I don’t know. “YOU’RE KIDDING ME.” I’m not! The extent of my knowledge of what you can and cannot do in front of royalty comes pretty much exclusively from the Blair-marrying-a-prince plotline on the most recent season of Gossip Girl. And even then I wasn’t paying attention. You can’t look at the Royal Family below the waist? You can’t touch your hair until the Queen touches her arm? You have to walk backwards at the youngest male child in the Royal Family until you get three paces away and then you turn around with your scariest face, and if you scare him successfully you get to ask him a question? I have no idea, but it all sounds VERY complicated. In any case, here it is:

I can’t believe he did that? That thing? That he did wrong? How could he! (via Dlisted)