Glee Season 2 Finale Open Thread

I miss Soft Gabe, you guys. Do you miss Soft Gabe? I miss him so much. He would know what to say about last night’s Glee season finale. Let me guess: there was singing? I honest to God have no idea what this show is even ABOUT. I know it has singing, that was just kidding around, and I know it’s about high school, and I know “Jane Lynch” and that’s about it. Slurpees? Do we know what is going on with the Slurpees at this point, or is it some What’s In The Hatch shit? Oh well. Don’t let my ignorance keep you from discussing the show. Was it exciting? Was it sad? Was it a documentary? Like I said: no idea. At least Soft Gabe is looking down at us from heaven and smiling right now. Big ups Soft Gabe! [Insert campy “Stairway to Heaven” cover in a football locker room. Get it?]