Cat Doesn’t Harm Baby

This sort of feels like one of those videos where you watch it and send it to all of your parents and everyone on the internet thinks it’s so cute and then after a few days you see an update that says something like, “The cat let the baby put its tail in its mouth because the cat was given a strong dose of a paralytic drug that later played a main role in the cat’s untimely death.” And you think, Was it worth it? And then you think, I’ve kind of already forgotten about both the video and the update, please show me the next video. So, you know, whatever. C’est la vie. And actually it looks like the cat’s doing fine. The baby is certainly the one to be worried about in this video. It probably does this all the time and will probably grow up to have a weird thing about tails. Ooohh, tails. (via TheDailyWhat)